Dear Fellow Christian:

I am writing this to give you a "reason for the hope I have in Christ". I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember, seeing that I was raised in a Christian home. I have always been one to seek the truth for a foundation of my faith. This motivation has caused me to do years of study and research in the Bible and Christian history. The more I compared the Old Testament with the New Testament the more I saw a very striking difference between the personalities of Jehovah, the God of the Old Testament and The Heavenly Father of the New Testament. This article was written to point out some of the differences. This is presented in the form of questions with Scriptures so you can see what the Bible really has to say about it.

Please read the passages given and give this view serious and prayerful consideration.

Question, read Exodus 20:5&6.

Now if I understand the English language. Jehovah, the God of Israel, claims to be a jealous God. In this verse He punishes those who hate Him to the 3rd and 4th generation. But His love is extended to only the one generation that loved Him. This can only mean that His hatred and punishment is three or four times greater than His love.

Question 2. Jehovah here claims to be jealous, this is confirmed in eight places in the Bible. In fact He is so jealous that in Exodus 34:14 we read, "For Jehovah whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God". Question: Is jealousy and hatred an attribute of Jesus Christ or the Heavenly Father?

Read Exodus 11:1-3. Here we find that Jehovah had the Israelites steal silver, gold and clothing from the Egyptians under the pretense of borrowing it. Jehovah had the Israelites lie and steal breaking two of the Ten Commandments. Now I ask. Does Jesus or the Heavenly Father encourage us to lie and steal?

Read 1 Kings 22:22&23.

Here we learn that Jehovah put a lying spirit into the mouths of His prophets. This caused them to lie. We read " The lying spirit from Jehovah came onto the prophets".

What happened to " Thou shalt not bear false witness"? Yet Jehovah forced them to lie.

Read 1 Samuel 16:14 and 19:9

What motivated king Saul to try to kill David?

An evil spirit from Jehovah entered him. Do you think that our Heavenly Father would do suc h a thing?

Read Isaiah 6:9-13.

Here we learn that Jehovah called this prophet and commissioned him to deceive His people so He could punish them. Question: Do you think for a moment that Jesus or the Heavenly Father would call a preacher for the sole purpose to confuse people, cause them to sin so he could punish them? This is what Jehovah did to His prophet Isaiah.

Read Isaiah 45:7.

Jehovah here claims to be the creator of both good and evil. Question: If Jehovah created evil, then why do we blame the Devil?

Jesus once said, "A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit and neither can a evil tree bring forth good fruit." See Matt. 7:18. Which one of these trees would represent Jehovah, who said, He created both good and evil? Can He be both a good tree and an evil tree? Jesus said, "No", that a tree is either good or evil.

Read Jeremiah 4:10

Here Jeremiah is praying to Jehovah and accusing Him of deceiving His people and Jerusalem. Question: Jehovah is here a deceiver. Can this charge be made against Jesus or the Heavenly Father?

Read Malachi 2:2&3.

We here learn that Jehovah threatens to spread DUNG in the faces of the priests because they did not take him seriously.

Question, can you even imagine Jesus or the Heavenly Father making such a threat? Your god might do this but My God the Father is not capable of such a thought much less would He make such a vulgar threat. There are many other passages In the Old Testament that shows what a scoundrel Jehovah is, but I believe I have presented enough to make a case. But there is more in the New Testament.

Read John 4:21-24.

Here Jesus tells the woman at the well that "neither in this mountain nor in Jerusalem do they worship the Father." Question: Who were the Jews worshiping in the temple in Jerusalem? Was it not Jehovah? This being the case, Jesus makes it very plain, Jehovah is NOT the Heavenly Father! Jesus said, "the true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and truth."

Read John 12:37-39.

Who blinded the Jews so they could not believe in Jesus?

If we believe the Scripture here it was Jehovah who blinded them. Jehovah was known to the Israelites as the God of that age. Paul said that the god of that age blinded people who did not believe the gospel. See 2 Cor. 4:4. So Jehovah was still in the deception business during Paul's ministry.

Read John 17:1-3.

Here Jesus says, "This is eternal life, to know Thee, (the Father) as the ONLY true God and Jesus Christ whom You have sent." This lets out ALL other gods, even Jehovah, as being the only TRUE God.

Read 1st Corinthians 8:5&6.

Here we learn, "There are many called gods in heaven and on earth (as there are many gods and many lords). But for us there is only one God, the Father, __ and one Lord Jesus Christ". Paul here makes it clear that of all the gods, the only God for Christians is the Heavenly Father.

Read Matt. 5:43-45

This is a very interesting passage. Jesus relates how they were taught by Jehovah and contrasts it with His teaching about the Heavenly Father. Jehovah taught Israel to love their neighbor and hate their enemy. (a neighbor to the Israelites meant a fellow Israelite and the enemy had reference to other nations.) So Jehovah's policy was "racist". That is to consider all other races to be your enemy. The point here is that Jehovah taught hatred and Jesus taught that the Heavenly Father loves all races of people. Question: Do you see a contrast here? Jehovah taught hatred and Jesus taught that the Heavenly Father loves all. He causes the rain and sunshine to benefit all. Do you see a decided difference between the teaching of Jehovah and that of the Heavenly Father?

Jesus tells us to love our enemies, to do good to them, and pray for them, but Jehovah taught the Israelites to hate their enemies. What a contrast!

Malachi 1:2&3 "___Says Jehovah: yet I loved Jacob, and I hated Esau."

In Romans 9: 11&13, This passage is also repeated. "For the children being not yet born, neither having done any good or evil, ___ As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated." Here we learn that Jehovah hated Esau without a reason.

Another thought:

Jesus chose the twelve apostles all were Jews. They were raised in their religion and had been taught how to worship and pray to Jehovah. Question; why did Jesus instruct them to now pray to the Heavenly Father? He told them, "When you pray, say Our Father who art in heaven". Jesus addressed His prayers to the Father and told us to do the same.

Read Galatians 3:1.

Why did Paul tell the Galatians they had been bewitched? What did they do to deserve this? They had turned back to Jehovah's Judaism, which he called witchcraft. According to Paul, you should be a Christian without being a Judeo-Christian. This is very strong language, but no stronger than Paul who referred to the Jewish religion as dung. Phil. 3:8.

The founding of Judaism was when the "angel god, Jehovah", talked to Moses and gave him the Ten Commandments and the ceremonial laws. In Exodus 3:2-4 we read that the God who spoke to Moses was as Angel. The Scriptures that prove the law was given by angels, Exodus 3:2-6, Acts 7:30-32, 38, Gal. 3:19.

Read Colossians 2:13-15.

Who are the principalities and powers who were defeated at the cross?

If you do some research you will learn that they are the angels and archangels of the Old Testament. Jehovah was one of these angelic gods. Paul tells us here that these principalities and powers were disarmed and made a public spectacle of. Their laws, which were against us, were nailed to the cross. These laws along with Christ died on the cross. Christ was resurrected but the laws and power of these angels and archangels were NOT. It was this great accomplishment and victory at the cross that redeemed us and set us free in Christ. Yes, Jesus set us free from religious laws and superstitions, dogmas and fears. We have been declared free and that's why there is now no condemnation to them who are in Christ. Romans 8:1&2

Paul encouraged the Galatians, to "Stand fast in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and be not entangled in a yoke of bondage". He was referring to Jehovah's bondage of laws and religion.

Jesus said, "And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free". John 8:32.

I do not ask that you answer these questions to me, but rather answer these questions to your own conscience. This is no 20th century "hair brained" idea of mine but was believed by nearly all of the Gentile Christians during the early years of Christendom. These Christians had their own Bible as early as 134 AD. This was the first Christian canon of scripture. This Bible had One Gospel and the authentic epistles of Paul. The Catholic Church organized for the sole purpose of destroying this teaching, which they declared heresy. They then set forth to destroy all the books and people who taught that Jehovah was NOT the Heavenly Father. They then began to compile their own Bible because they needed one that would support their doctrine. The Hebrew writings became a part their Bible and this they called the Old Testament. They replaced the one Gospel that was in the first Bible of 134 AD with four Gospels. Then added Acts, 1st & 2nd Timothy, Titus, Hebrews, the Pastorals and the Revelation of Peter, which was later replaced by the Revelation of John. This was done because they saw a need to close out the New Testament with a book that would teach their God, Jehovah, to be a God of wrath and vengeance. This book has a threat of God's judgment to anyone that would add to or remove any part of it. See Rev. 22:19. It is also interesting to note, in this book of Revelation, the twelve foundation stones of the New Jerusalem, which comes down from heaven, are the same as the birthstones of the twelve astrological signs of the Zodiac. See Rev. 21:2,19 & 20. The Bible we now have is completely based upon the one that was put together by the Catholic Church in the 2nd through the 4th centuries to refute the teaching of Marcion, who taught that the Heavenly Father was not Jehovah. Many won't accept the truth of this history, but a little research will prove this to be fact. They would rather believe the Bible just dropped down from heaven in the King James Version. This attitude shows complete and total arrogance and ignorance.

The Catholic Church continued their religious war against all who would not accept Jehovah as the Heavenly Father and it took them over 600 years of persecution to minimize the influence of this doctrine.

An official Catholic Encyclopaedia states that one purpose of the French inquisition was to destroy the heretics who believed that Jehovah is not the Heavenly Father. Even at this later time there were many that believed even as I do. These people suffered much persecution. They were killed and all their books were burned.

The whole idea of now having an Old and New Testament is an endeavor to explain Jehovah changing His mind. The word "Covenant" or "Testament" was to teach that Jehovah dealt with the ancient Israelites with one covenant then did a complete turn around and established a new covenant, seeing that the first covenant failed. However in Malachi 3:6 we read, "I am Jehovah and I do not change". So He lied to us again if he did change His covenant. So those who believe Jehovah and the Heavenly Father to be one and the same have a serious problem here! When was He converted from the God of wrath and hate to the God of love? According to the fundamentalists, Jehovah, instead of demanding animal sacrifices as He did in the Old Testament. He now under the New Testament slaughtered a human being, namely Jesus, as a human sacrifice to satisfy His "divine justice", so say their theologians. What a perversion of the truth of the gospel! The idea of appeasing 'divine justice' is just another fable of the theologians.

Jesus came to bring spiritual healing and comfort. In His first sermon He said, "I was anointed to preach the gospel to the poor; to heal the broken hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised." Luke 4:18. There is nothing here or anywhere in the New Testament abou t any satisfying of "divine justice". The purpose of the gospel is to, "bring life and immortality to light". 2 Tim. 1:10. Paul said, " I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ," Romans 1:16. I'm sure he would have been ashamed of a gospel that teaches God had to kill an innocent human being, namely His Son, in order to satisfy His "divine justice". The expression "divine justice" is no more that a pipe dream of theologians.

So don't condemn another's belief until you have given some research into the matter.

Don't be like Festus who knew nothing about the Christian faith, but told Paul his "much learning made him mad." Acts 26:24.

It is a good idea to know what you are criticizing before you criticize it.

I hope you ponder the above questions, scriptures and the other information that has been presented, search the scriptures and history for yourself, then follow your own good conscience before God and not man


My God, the Heavenly Father does not follow the pattern of Jehovah in teaching people to steal, lie, deceive and spread dung in the faces of those who don't take Him seriously. See Malachi 2:3. I am very thankful for knowing God the Father, the God of all grace, love, kindness, mercy, compassion and truth, and Jesus Christ my Lord. Now I know that I have been set free from the clutches of Jehovah, the god of wrath, hatred, jealousy and condemnation.

During my some 50 years experience among fundamentalists 'Christian' denominations, I have learned most of them practice the kind of love Jesus accused the Pharisees of, 'loving only those in their own fellowship and having little regard for all others'. They follow the pattern of love and hate of Jehovah their God. The worshippers of Jehovah have not changed. Jesus said, love is the mark of discipleship. We read in 1 John 4:7&8, " everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. ___, For God is love."

God the Father loves the world, John 3:16. We are to love one another. This was the new and ONLY commandment Jesus gave to His disciples, John 15:17. He also said, "By this shall all men know you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." Paul, in 1 Cor.13, tells us, love is the greatest of all Spiritual gifts.

I now ask you to ponder over the above facts of Scripture that have been presented. I now want to thank you for your kindness and patience in reading this article and hope you now understand why I DO NOT accept Jehovah as the Heavenly Father. The Heavenly Father was unknown in the world until Jesus introduced Him to mankind. Jesus said, "No one knows the Father except the Son, and he to whom the Son wills to reveal Him". Matt. 11:27. Jehovah spoke to and was seen by Moses and He spoke to His prophets. Jesus said of the Heavenly Father, "You have neither heard His voice at any time, nor seen His form", John 5:37. Now if the Heavenly Father is only revealed by the Son, as Jesus said, and has never been seen nor His voice ever heard, then the Father could not be Jehovah. Jehovah was the God of Israel before Jesus had His earthly ministry, and was both seen and heard.

Both Biblically and Historically I find myself in good company in believing as I do on this issue. Most Gentile Christians held this view for the early 300 years of Christendom.

The great evangelist, Marcion, evangelized the countries around the Mediterranean at the very beginning of the 2nd century. He emphatically taught that Jehovah was not and could not be the Heavenly Father, and wrote the "Antithesis", which presented his view. Many of the Gentile Christians maintained this view for many years, although they suffered very severe persecution. The first record we have of a Christian killing another Christian over their belief was a Catholic killing another Christian who professed belief that Jehovah was not the Heavenly Father. This belief still existed in many areas during the "dark ages", but great persecution and suppression of education eventually prevailed. This blessed truth is not dead, but very much alive in the hearts and minds of many Christians through out the world today.

May the Grace and Peace from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.


Very sincerely yours,

Carroll R. Bierbower

PO Box, 636,

Cave Junction Or. 97523