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Welcome to the Marcionite Research Library; a virtual library with numerous resources relating to the study of Marcion of Sinope, his teachings, his bible and his followers. Here you will find a wide range of articles and resources on these subjects, and links to relevant articles and books elsewhere on the internet.

The site was originally set up by Daniel Mahar; it was called "The Center For Marcionite Research: The Library" and was hosted on GeoCities. It was renamed and transferred here in 2009 when GeoCities closed and Daniel Mahar gave me permission to reproduce, maintain and develop the site. I am extremely grateful to Daniel for creating such a valuable site, and granting me permission to reproduce so much of his work. I am also extremely grateful to all the other authors who have given me permission to reproduce their work.

The Marcionite Research Library has recently been reorganised, and is now divided into sections by subject and author. My own articles have been moved to a separate site:

Reconstructed Marcionite Texts

Reconstructions of the books of The Marcionite Bible

A reconstruction of Marcion's Antithesis

Theologians and Historians

Professor Adolf von Harnack

Dr Carroll R. Bierbower

The Marcionite Origin of the Fourth Gospel
English Translation of "Le Quatrieme Evangile"
by Henri Delafosse (Joseph Turmel).
Translated by Daniel Mahar

The History of the Christian Religion to the Year Two Hundred
by Charles B Waite

Orthodoxy and Heresy by Bauer

An Overview of Marcion by G.R.S. Mead.

F.D Kershner: "Marcion", from Pioneers of Christian Thought (excerpt).

Marcion, Possible Progenitor of Three Famous Christian Communities:Baptists, Catholics, Gnostics
By Ray Embry, Author of The Enigma About Divine Love and the Creation of Evil: The Lost Belief Among Early Christians About a God of Total Compassion

Marcion's Place in Early Christianity: a Political Powerplay
By Dr.Michael Conley

Primary Sources

Ephrem the Syrian, Prose Refutations of Mani, Marcion, and Bardaisan
Translated by C.W. Mitchell (Williams and Norgate, 1912)

The Dialogues of Adamantius Against the Marcionites
Section I (excerpts)
Translated by D.J.Mahar (copyright April 2000)

Miscellaneous Articles

The Book We Call Holy by Gerard R. Patchen

Sinope: Some Thoughts Concerning Marcion's Geographical World (David Anderson)

Recommended Books


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